Other IDeA Programs

IDeA Network of Biomedical Research Excellence (INBRE)

INBRE is a NIH program designed to help traditionally underfunded states build the infrastructure they need to compete successfully for federal NIH funding. Nevada INBRE offers researchers top-tier analysis and testing. Learn more about Nevada INBRE.

COBRE Integrative Neuroscience

The Center for Integrative Neuroscience is a multidisciplinary research center that brings together neuroscientists from across campus to foster complementary and synergistic approaches to understanding the brain and neurological disorders. It supports the research and mentoring of 5 junior faculty, as well as core facilities to provide access to modern neuroimaging techniques and to research with special neurological populations. Learn more about COBRE Integrative Neuroscience.

COBRE Smooth Muscle

COBRE for Smooth Muscle Plasticity fosters research in the field of smooth muscle biology and aids in the development of highly promising new investigators. This COBRE has a strong focus in the field of smooth muscle biology. Mature smooth muscle cells are unique among muscle cell lineages, because they can change phenotype in response to a variety of stimuli. This ability to conform to changing stimuli or microenvironments is referred to as plasticity. Many pathophysiological conditions include or result from phenotypic changes in smooth muscle tissues, but the cause and consequences of remodeling and hypertrophy are not well understood. Learn more about COBRE Smooth Muscle.