Rural Living

Living, Learning and Working in Rural Nevada

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3RNet — Rural Recruiting

  • National rural recruitment and retention network
  • Networking to place physicians in rural areas
  • Placed five practitioners in Nevada this year

Nevada Health Service Corps

Do you wish to make a difference in treating underrepresented populations by offering much-needed healthcare in rural communities? Do you also crave time to yourself and a well-balanced work and personal life? Living and working in a rural Nevada community could be your next health career move.

The experience gained offering health care services in a rural setting - even for just a short term - will become invaluable as you move forward in your career. Patients in towns like Elko, Ely and Tonopah don't have the same access to healthcare resources that urban patients do, so physicians see and treat a wide array of health cases. These patients are extremely grateful for the services rural physicians provide because many of them can not afford to travel the hundreds of miles it takes to reach urban medicine.

Many people think life out in the west is desolate and boring, but they couldn't be more mistaken. It's justified in saying part of rural Nevada is "cowboy country," but whether or not you identify with the country, the outdoor lifestyle is some of the best in the west. Hiking and rock climbing the jagged cliffs of the Ruby Mountains are dangerously exhilarating. Camping in the several national parks nearby while sleeping under the stars is breathtaking. And if hunting and fishing is your game, rural Nevada is Elk nation.

Resident physicians choose Nevada as their first match choice because it's true when we say it is encouraged to have a well-balanced work and personal life. Your services are important to our community, but your well-being is important to you, which is why we want you to get out and fall in love with our small country towns. We want you to explore the outdoors, connect with our communities and learn and improve your healthcare skills. Working and enjoying life can be accomplished when you live in rural Nevada.

Meet with our coordinators who will be with you every step of the transition. They are on staff to offer support to you and your family to help locate housing, schools and community groups. Come talk about the benefits of practicing in an underrepresented area, like our loan-repayment program which helps with debt assistance. You're not alone when you make the decision to practice in a rural setting; we welcome you to chat with us about why we love living in Nevada.