Nevada Health Service Corps

Nevada State Office of Rural Health

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The Nevada Health Service Corps (NHSC), established in 1989, was created to designate areas of underservice within the State and match practitioners to those areas of need. Rural communities in Nevada are particularly lacking in health resources and support. To encourage a practitioner to practice and serve underrepresented communities in Nevada, health professionals may enter the NHSC by engaging in full-time clinical practice in an assigned community in exchange for loan repayment funds.


Candidates in the following health professions and who meet licensure standards in Nevada with no restrictions upon their DEA certificate are eligible to apply:

  • MD Doctors of Allopathic Medicine
  • DO Doctors of Osteopathic Medicine
  • DD General Practice Dentists
  • NP Primary Care Certified Nurse Practitioners
  • NM Certified Nurse-Midwives
  • PA Primary Care Physician Assistants
  • DH Registered Clinical Dental Hygienists
  • CP Clinical or Counseling Psychologists
  • CSW Clinical Social Workers
  • PNS Psychiatric Nurse Specialists
  • MHC Mental Health Counselors
  • LPC Licensed Professional Counselors
  • MFT Marriage and Family Therapists

Requirements of Participation

In exchange for loan repayment funds, each candidate agrees to serve in their assigned community for a contractually specified period of time. Typically the length of time equals two years of full-time service. The candidate agrees to provide services to all patients, regardless of their ability to pay; to accept assignments under section 1842(b)(3)(B)(ii) of the Social Security Act as full payment for all services for which payment may be made under Part B of Title XVIII and under Title XIX and Title XXI (Nevada Check-Up) of such Act; to deliver services with medically accepted quality standards for performance; and to remain in the assigned underserved area for the duration of the period of obligated service.


Each application is evaluated individually and awards are made based upon the funding available during that cycle. The NHSC reserves the right to determine the amount of the award and the length of the period of obligated service individually for each application. All funds awarded under this program are to be used only for repayment of educational loans. Proof of payment in the amount of the award must be submitted to the NHSC.


Candidates may apply for the NHSC at any point during the fiscal year (July 1 – June 30.) by contacting Program Coordinator, Keith Clark. Decisions are made on an annual basis, unless funding becomes available at other times. Typically awards are made during July and August of each year.