Tier 2 vs. Tier 3

Harlacher, Sanford, and Nelson describe the difference between Tier 2 and Tier 3:

  • Tier 2, occurs outside of the time dedicated to core instruction, in groups of 5-8 students, and focuses primarily on providing increased opportunities to practice and learn skills taught in the core (Baker, Fien, & Baker, 2010; Vaughn, Wanzek, Woodruff, & Linan-Thompson, 2007).
  • Tier 3. When Tier 2 is insufficient to meet student need, students are provided Tier 3. Compared to Tier 2, Tier 3 is more explicit, focuses on remediation of skills, is provided for a longer duration of time (both in overall length of intervention and regularly scheduled minutes of instructional time), and occurs in smaller groups (i.e., groups of 1-3 students; Haager et al., 2007; Harn, Kame'enui, & Simmons, 2007; Vaughn, Linan-Thompson, & Hickman, 2003).