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Office of Statewide Initiatives

Statewide Initiatives

Moana Building

604 W. Moana Ln.
Reno, NV 89509

Statewide Initiatives Org Chart

John Packham John Packham Ph.D.
Associate Dean for the Office of Statewide Initiatives
(775) 784-1235
Gerald Ackerman Gerald Ackerman
Assistant Dean, Rural Programs; Director, Office of Rural Health
(775) 738-3828
Jennifer Bennett Jennifer Bennett Ph.D., MPH
Director, Nevada AIDS Education and Training Center; Director, Teaching in Medicine
(775) 784-3538
Tabor Griswold Tabor Griswold Ph.D.
Health Services Research Analyst
(775) 682-8475
Troy Jorgensen Troy Jorgensen
Program Coordinator, Project ECHO
(775) 682-8481
Evan Klass Evan Klass M.D.
Executive Director, Project ECHO Nevada
(775) 682-7740 (office)
Julie Redding Julie Redding MBA
Assistant Director, Office of Statewide Initiatives
(775) 682-7718

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