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Culture and Strategy: Better Together

Our Culture Initiative

With our sights on establishing UNR Med as an employer of choice and building our capacity to implement our strategy, the Culture Initiative began. In 2018, the initiative provided opportunities for internal stakeholders to assess their individual UNR Med experiences through in-person Data Dialogues, followed by the assembly of small teams charged with designing plans for positive culture change.

Quick Facts about the Culture Initiative:

  • 10: The number of small-group town halls Dean Schwenk held to respond to employee questions regarding the proposed Renown/UNR Med integration.
  • 50%: Faculty and staff response rate in the latest Culture Pulse Survey
  • 60: Culture champions engage their colleagues with the latest events, and design innovations to improve our workplace culture
  • 4: Core value statements were revised and promoted by culture champions in May 2019

2020-2022 Culture Priorities:

  • "Living" our core values: Core values mean nothing if they aren't a part of our institutional practices. Look for upcoming opportunities to help us operationalize our core values in an authentic and meaningful way.
  • Leadership development: Our current and future leaders are catalysts for culture change. New programming and training opportunities will be forthcoming to support alignment of leadership practices with our core values.
  • Knowledge management: Improving how we document, share, and generate new information in the school is crucial to supporting the success of the school. Our aim is to stimulate innovation by improving our data management and communication practices.

Our Strategic Plan Process

Our strategy acknowledges a changing educational and health care environment, including how we develop a local presence with a statewide vision, how we serve our rural partners, and how we become a major partner with other health care institutions to achieve our vision of "A Healthy Nevada." UNR Med's strategic planning process has been, and continues to be, an adaptive, community-driven effort.

In October 2018, the UNR Med community participated in an institutional planning survey to guide the Strategic Planning Steering Committee in identifying priorities for the next three years. The new institutional strategic plan launched in July 2019 and will be complete on June 30, 2022.

The school-wide plan consists of four strategic priorities with members of the Strategic Planning Steering Committee taking accountability for the plan's progress. Starting in 2019, academic departments and centers were asked to develop one year plans to identify their priorities and align them with the school. Strategic alignment across the institution helps us all follow our True North.

Guide the direction of our True North!

Stay informed:

Join the conversation:

Lead the conversation:

  • Be a champion
  • Join a team to support culture change

To get involved with True North, contact Carolyn Brayko, director, Organizational Development and Strategic Planning.

Our People Make Progress Possible

Culture change is possible through the contributions of many. Our success is indicative of the time and contributions of our steering committees, action learning set members and champions.

Culture Steering Committee

Strategic Planning Steering Committee

Action Learning Set Members

(*Set Captain, point of contact)

  • Haley Ballinger
  • Meghan Davidson
  • Aaron Dieringer
  • Seema Donahoe
  • Jennifer Dougherty
  • Donna Dutra
  • Audrey Goodnight
  • Rubina Hackbusch
  • Heather Haslem*
  • Tiffany Hoffman*
  • Lisa Kornze
  • Samantha Myers
  • Jennifer Norland
  • Melissa Piasecki
  • Samantha Rodeman
  • Veronica Shearin

Culture Champions


  • Kristen Alexander
  • Melody Alijani
  • Haley Ballinger
  • Tessa Bowen
  • Omar Canaday
  • Keith Clark
  • Jenny Costa
  • Meghan Davidson
  • Aaron Dieringer
  • Hiley Dobbs
  • Seema Donahoe
  • Jennifer Dougherty
  • Sam Dugan
  • Wendy Duras
  • Donna Dutra
  • Danielle Eaton
  • Mohamed Elnaggar
  • Christopher English
  • Kevin Facemyer
  • Daniel Fazarri
  • Lindsey Forbes
  • Debra Glogovac
  • Audrey Goodnight
  • Tim Grunert
  • Rubina Hackbusch
  • Gayle Halminiak
  • Heather Haslem
  • Tiffany Hoffman
  • Lisa Kornze
  • Michael Lee
  • Kathy Martin
  • Amy McFarland
  • Yeggy Miller
  • Samantha Myers
  • Jennifer Norland
  • Melissa O'Brien
  • Abbie Olszewski
  • Jennie Parker
  • Melissa Piasecki
  • Steven Pinto
  • Jorge Pulido-Rubio
  • Nancy Pulliam
  • Julie Redding
  • Sarah Ries
  • Samantha Rodeman
  • Rebecca Rumbaugh
  • Sam Serniak
  • Angelina Shaw
  • Kim Simmonds
  • Valerie Smith
  • Paul Sumby
  • Julie Thomas
  • Jeanne Tremaine
  • Dylan Turner
  • Philip Usera
  • Rachael Walden
  • Zac Walker
  • Kim Wilkins
  • Robin Wittmann
  • Stephanie Wright