Bridge Program

The University of Nevada, Reno School of Medicine has implemented a Medical Student Bridge Program (MSBP) designed to prepare incoming medical students for the academically rigorous learning environment of medical school. The cornerstone of this program will be a partnership between School of Medicine faculty and administrators with the Khan Academy to identify content areas and create digital learning resources for use by students to enhance their knowledge and understanding of the foundational sciences for medical education. Based on learning objectives developed by School of Medicine faculty and drawn from content in Anatomy, Biochemistry, Cell and Molecular Biology, Genetics, Human Behavior and Physiology, the Khan Academy faculty and designers will use digital teaching methodologies to deliver this content to students in a self-directed program.

Upon completion of the Khan Academy curriculum, MSBP students will matriculate a week early and spend this time with their peers and the School of Medicine, learning to synthesize content and apply their knowledge in a classroom setting. The bridge program will engage students with the content by introducing:

  • Interactive methodologies
  • Team-Based Learning sessions
  • Case of the Week small group activities
  • Utilize specific study skills and techniques to increase retention of knowledge
  • Learn test-taking strategies and skills to improve exam and assessment performance
  • Have early exposure to the anatomy lab

The on-site portion of the MSBP will start Monday, August 1st and end Friday, August 5th.

For questions regarding the Medical Student Bridge Program, contact Ranna Nash (775) 682-8355.