BS-MD Students

MCAT Preparation

The BS-MD program offers students MCAT preparation support services:

WHEN: Summer between sophomore and junior year
M-F, 3 to 4 hours daily; additional study time on your own.

Target MCAT Test Date: July 17th and 18th

WHAT: 6 to 7 weeks of intensive MCAT preparation. Timed between Years 2 and 3 of the undergraduate portion of the BS-MD program. Students are expected to take the MCAT no later than mid-to-late August.

Course content includes:

  • Access to Khan Academy classroom
  • MCAT readiness assessment offered through AAMC
  • Test taking strategies
  • Content for the biochemical processes, chemical and physical process, psychology and social sciences, along with critical reasoning including practice problems.
  • Full edition of Kaplan text books
  • Simulation full-length MCAT Exams through AAMC
  • Tutoring support

WHO: BS-MD students with an overall GPA which has dropped below the required 3.5 or who have been placed on academic probation are required to enroll and attend the MCAT Preparation program. BS-MD students who have maintained a 3.5 GPA or higher are strongly encouraged to enroll in the MCAT Preparation program. Please be advised that BS-MD students who take the MCAT Preparation Program have achieved an average MCAT score of 31. Students who have waived out of this pre program have averaged an MCAT Score of 27, which is below the minimum required for promotion to medical school.

Before the start of your prep program, students must take a practice test to determine where you stand:

MCAT review website:

BS-MD students are also encouraged to take advantage of resources on their undergraduate campuses.

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