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Why Wellness?

Medical School is a journey. While it is a very rewarding journey, it can also be very physically and emotionally demanding. Positive well-being and good health habits influence a medical student's academic performance, emotional adjustment and future functioning as a physician. That is why the University of Nevada, Reno School of Medicine believes it is important to have a program in place for medical students to promote their overall health. By providing a wellness program to medical students early and throughout their medical education, the School of Medicine seeks to positively affect students' functioning and provide resources to better equip medical students to address their health and well-being issues effectively. The School of Medicine Wellness Program for medical students addresses several different areas of wellness including mental, emotional, physical activity, nutrition and social. These areas are addressed through a variety of activities year to year.

Wellness Team

Wellness Program Coordinator: Ranna Nash (775) 682-8355.

Student Wellness Committee

Programs & Events

  • School of Medicine N-ergy Program
  • Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Program 2013
  • Wellness Workshops
    • Dealing with Test Anxiety
    • Academic Performance Enhancement
    • It's Never Too Late to Study Smarter!
    • Stress Management Techniques
    • Clinical Nutrition Applications
    • Cheap, Quick, & Healthy: Meal Planning
    • Preparing for Step 1 Panel
    • And more to come!
  • Wellness Events & Activities
  • Get Your Health On! Student Health Fair


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