Computers and Equipment

Medical Student Handbook

Incoming students are required to have a laptop computer. iPads and Tablets running Android operating systems are not suitable substitutes for the laptop.

Your laptop will be able to take advantage of the network connectivity available in the first and second year classrooms, the Savitt Medical Library, your group study rooms, as well as in the Knowledge Center and the Joe Crowley Student Union building.

Technical Support

The School of Medicine IT department provides technical support for all students, faculty, and staff of the Medical School. However, limited technical support is available outside the following Notebook vendors:

  • Dell
  • Apple
  • Lenovo/IBM
  • Toshiba

Students can purchase a custom configured Dell or Apple Notebook Computer through the Computer Den. The Computer Den is located in the Joe Crowley Student Union and offers student discounts on hardware, software, and peripherals. Additionally, you will pay no shipping and no sales taxes. Check with them before you buy! Visit the Wolf Shop Computer Den online or by calling toll free at (855) 983-6597.

Timing For Your Purchase

Timing for your purchase is very important. For those individuals ordering laptops, please check with your vendor on how long it will take for you to receive your laptop. When ordering a new laptop, please consider having it delivered no later than the end of July.

Minimum Specifications

The suggested minimum configuration includes the following (these meet or exceed Windows 7 specifications):

  • GHz Processor Speed (recommend Intel i5 series processor or greater)
  • 2 GB RAM (Recommend 4GB or greater)
  • 150 GB hard drive
  • DVD R/W drive
  • 128 MB of Video Ram and DirectX 9 compliant (recommend 256 MB or greater)
  • 6-foot Ethernet cable (cat-5 cable)
  • USB to Ethernet adaptor for Mac users and any PC that does not have an Ethernet connection
  • Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium or higher (Win 7 and Win 8 are both fine) or Mac OS X (recommend 10.8 or higher)
  • For PC users - Microsoft Office 2013 Professional (MS Office 365 is available in the Computer Den and can be purchased at a significantly lower price than any other source - please call them for details).
  • For MAC users - Microsoft Office 2011 (MS Office 365 is available at the Computer Den).
  • Anti-virus program (required to connect to UNR networks). Paid versions such as Kaspersky, Norton, or McAfee, etc., and free versions such as Microsoft Security Essentials, Avira, or AVG, etc. are acceptable.

**Apple notebooks are compatible, but see note below**. If you own or are thinking of purchasing an Apple, the minimum recommended operating system is OS 10.8 (current is 10.10 - Yosemite). All other suggested minimum configurations would apply.

**Students wishing to use an existing Apple laptop or purchase a new Apple laptop are required to obtain virtualization software in order to run Windows on your Mac. This is necessary to install and use the "Aperio," the Image Viewer for the Anatomy slides (which only work on a PC).

The virtualization software can be free (VirtualBox, which works quite well) or can be an added cost (VMWare Fusion, which also works quite well). There will be a cost for Windows 7 — please ensure that you have original licensing.

Students that decide on an Apple laptop should have their Apple laptops configured with the virtualization software and the Windows operating system installed prior to arriving for Orientation. Please contact the MedIT Team before proceeding with this process.

The IT support team will be available all summer to help you with this process in advance and/or to assist you with general configuration of your laptop. We encourage you to take advantage of this and avoid that last minute rush and stress of getting your laptop configured.

Medical Students can reach the Med IT Team by calling (775) 682-5000 option 2, or coming by the Med Help Desk in the Pennington Medical Education building, or sending an email to or contact us directly—our information is below.

Other suggested peripherals and software:

  • Printer
  • Adobe Acrobat Reader DC - (free download)
  • Adobe Flash Player 17.x - (free download)
  • QuickTime 7 - (free download)
  • Thumb drive
  • External hard drive to backup files

The Med Computing Help Desk at the Medical School is located in the Pennington Medical Education Building. You are welcome to stop by or you can reach us as follows:

Robert Boyd: Manager, User Services
(775) 682-7305

Michael Jackson: Desktop Support
(775) 784-1035

Computer Use

All students enrolled in the University of Nevada, Reno School of Medicine are granted access to University networks and internet. Medical students utilizing campus networks are required to comply with the university's agreement, which prohibits using computers in a fashion that causes harassment, abuse or intimidation of another person and sending or printing of patently offensive mail, documents or images. The university's agreement also prohibits use of peer-to-peer (P2P) applications such as Kazaa, LimeWire, eDonkey, eMule, etc., while utilizing campus network resources.

For more detailed information regarding computer use, please refer to the UNR Computing and Network Use Agreement, located on the UNR web site.