Icons and Illustrations

University of Nevada, Reno School of Medicine


As an homage to our past logo, the icon set developed represents the University's four main focuses: Education, Community Engagement, Patient Care and Research. These should be used as an accent element to call out information regarding those focuses. Download the icon set as EPS files.

Book IconFocus on

The book icon represents our responsibility in providing the best education to our students. We believe in creating a supportive, hands-on environment and having our students learn by doing.

Asclepius IconDedicated to
Patient Care

The Rod of Asclepius is a symbol synonymous with healing and medicine. Stemming from Greek mythology, it now has become a modern symbol for health care.

Stethoscope IconResponsible to the

The stethoscope icon represents our purpose as students, faculty and doctors — to listen to and care for our community with our skills, compassion and resources.

Double Helix IconImpact Through

The double helix icon is a reminder of the positive impact and lasting change our research can have. Our pioneering spirit fuels us to pursue knowledge and discover new and better ways to treat our patients.


Evoking a sense of tradition and education, vintage-style medical illustrations (also referred to as "etchings" or "engravings") are incorporated into the brand to add visual interest, color and texture. They are used as background elements (as seen here) and often bleed off the page and are screened back by lowering the opacity. The following shows illustrations of this style. Please contact Marketing and Communications if you need these illustrations for any project.

Vintage illustrations