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  • Training physicians for the 21st century: Two years in the classroom learning basic science principles followed by two years in a clinical setting applying those principles. That was the way the University of Nevada School of Medicine taught medical students for several decades.

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  • Reflections on a 15-year study: The Women’s Health Initiative (WHI), a suite of studies looking at major health issues of women after menopause, winds down its 15-year run at the University of Nevada School of Medicine this fall.
  • Remembering George Smith: George Smith, M.D., founding dean of the University of Nevada School of Medicine, passed away March 20, 2010.
  • Facts and Figures: Cost of traffic crashes to Nevada

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  • East Meets West: Global health study can be an enlightening component of the medical education process. The desire to form international relationships is a significant part of that process at many medical institutions.
  • 40 Years of Learning, Healing and Discovering: A Brief Timeline of the History of the University of Nevada School of Medicine
  • Dean's Perspective: Synapse Grows with Your Encouragement

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