Fall 2009
Student Spotlight

synapse: University of Nevada, Reno School of Medicine

Anthony Quinn

Quinn participated in the Nevadans into Medicine program prior to enrolling at the School of Medicine in the fall of 2008. Photo by Edgar Antonio Nunez.

Humanistic Care Draws in Student

Anthony Quinn, a native of Dallas, is a member of the Class of 2012. He earned his bachelor’s degree in biology from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas in 2007.

What made you decide upon a career in medicine?

I first became interested in health care when I took a high school anatomy and physiology course and became fascinated by the way the separate body systems work together.

After my sophomore year, I joined the Scholar Laureate Program and traveled to South Africa with other pre-professional students.

There, I learned about the prevalence of HIV/AIDS in that country, traditional healing methods, dissimilarities between public and private hospitals, the structure of South African medical schools and the role of Doctors Without Borders.

Why did you choose the University of Nevada School of Medicine?

I chose this school because of its mission to provide care to the underserved is a commendable effort to eliminate health inequalities and a representation of humanitarianism for the rest of nation and the world.

The consistently remarkable match rates are evidence that this program possesses a faculty group that is encouraging and highly successful.

The emphasis on humanistic care, the presence of a nurturing learning environment and the innovative research that exist here make the University of Nevada School of Medicine a top choice for any undergraduate pursuing a career in medicine.

Talk about your involvement with School of Medicine activities prior to your enrollment here.

I was involved in a number of the outreach programs that the school offers students considered underrepresented in medicine.

I received an opportunity to participate in the Nevadans Into Medicine program at the University of Nevada School of Medicine designed for undergraduate juniors and seniors to get prepared for the medical school admissions process.

This residential program includes admissions preparation, clinical shadowing experiences and interactive sessions with experts in financial planning, the admissions dean and admissions committee members.

While physician shadowing at the University Medical Center Hospital in Las Vegas, I observed the processes of patient examination in the intensive care unit, rounding with attending physicians, performing resuscitation in the emergency room, operating on severe injuries and communicating with patients’ relatives.

What is your particular area of clinical or research interest and what steered you toward it?

I am interested in the field of pediatric orthopaedics which covers treating musculoskeletal deformities and pathologies secondary to a variety of etiologies from infancy to adolescence. My initial interest in orthopaedic surgery stems from my pre-medical shadowing experiences in spine, trauma and pediatric orthopaedics.

Best experience thus far afforded to you by the School of Medicine?

My best experience has been the opportunity to interact with the diverse group of people in my class.

I am most pleased by the experience of advancing through part of my journey in medicine with a great group of people who share my strong passion for helping others in need.

Please finish this sentence: Professionally, in 10 years, I see myself…

…Appreciating great professional and personal satisfaction by making lifetime improvements in the quality of function for young patients as a pediatric spine subspecialist.