Fall 2010
Dean's Perspective

synapse: University of Nevada, Reno School of Medicine

From student to dean: A lifetime’s commitment

Cheryl Hug-EnglishIt is my great honor to serve as interim dean of the University of Nevada School of Medicine, the institution from which I graduated in 1982.

As a University of Nevada, Reno undergraduate and then a medical student, I knew this school would shape my future, but did not then imagine how fully. My career as physician, faculty member and administrator has been spent at the School of Medicine, and I am so grateful to be able to serve as its first alumna dean.

Celebrating the grand opening of the Center for Molecular Medicine a few weeks ago, I reflected on the extraordinary progress this new research facility represents for our school with the sheer size and scope of its laboratories, equipment, and clinical spaces, and more profoundly in the turn we are taking toward a new, more agile model for scientific and clinical research. In this building our faculty and students will not only share ideas with the Center for Healthy Aging and the Whittemore Peterson Institute, but will also collaborate in new ways across departments and disciplines within the School of Medicine.

The University of Nevada School of Medicine has always been known for its excellence in teaching. While our medical research is equally outstanding, the work of School of Medicine scientists has not been as widely understood. I am so pleased to share their achievements with you in this issue of Synapse, and look forward to future exciting breakthroughs from the Center for Molecular Medicine.

Cheryl Hug-English, M.D., MPH
Interim Dean, University of Nevada School of Medicine