Fall 2014

synapse: University of Nevada, Reno School of Medicine

Parhizgar, Wijekularatne, Shewayish, Bhardwaj

Internal medicine residency graduation party

The Las Vegas internal medicine residency program held its graduation at Red Rock Country Club on June 14, 2014. From left, Fuzhan Parhizgar, Randhi Wijekularatne, Sarah Shewayish and Karishma Bhardwaj.

New multiple mini-interview process begins

The Office of Admissions and Student Affairs has implemented a new interview process, the multiple mini-interview (MMI) measure, for applicants this year.

Based on empirical research compared to traditional interview models, and the observation and participation in the MMI admissions processes at peer institutions, the Office of Admissions and Student Affairs decided to move forward with implementing the measure.

Research indicates that the measure decreases conscious and unconscious biases and can be customized to provide medical schools with assessments of selected domains that align with the school's specific mission, objectives and goals.

In the past, eligible applicants to the School of Medicine went through a two-tier interview process: one interview was conducted by an admissions committee member and the other by a current second-, third- or fourth-year medical student.

The evolution of the development and transition to this new process has been extensive. Admissions office staff visited the University of Arizona, Tucson School of Medicine and the University of California, Davis School of Medicine to observe and participate in their multiple mini-interview processes. These schools all shared outcomes, best practices, strategies and processes to assist in successfully implementing the MMI at the School of Medicine.

Last year, staff from the Office of Admissions and Student Affairs began internal presentations on both School of Medicine campuses to inform department heads, clerkship and block directors and key leadership the facets of the new process. The dean has appointed faculty and members of the admissions executive committee to an MMI steering committee, led by Cherie A. Singer, Ph.D., associate dean for admissions and student affairs, to guide and oversee the implementation process. Outreach to medical school faculty, alumni, university faculty and health care partners throughout Nevada has been very important in this process. Extensive training for MMI interviewers has been designed and is being implemented now.

Completion of GME training marked with celebrations

Family and friends of those completing their graduate medical education training programs across Nevada gathered throughout June to celebrate their accomplishments and recognize faculty and departments instrumental in those training programs.

"This is a happy time for our graduates as the program directors have determined their residents and fellows qualified to meet Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education standards of being able to practice medicine independently and without supervision," said Miriam Bar-on, M.D., associate dean for graduate medical education.

In total, 80 residents and fellows graduated from the School of Medicine's graduate medical education programs in June. Statewide, graduation ceremonies were held for internal medicine (2), family medicine (2), psychiatry (2), child psychiatry, sports medicine (2), geriatrics, hospice and palliative medicine, general surgery, surgical critical care, plastic surgery, family medicine-obstetrics, emergency medicine and emergency medicine-ultrasound, obstetrics and gynecology and pediatrics.

At each ceremony, graduates recognized "Intern of the Year" recipients along with departmental faculty and fellow trainees. Awards also were distributed on behalf of regional or national medical organizations to residents and faculty recipients.