Fall 2015
Alumni President Message

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Time to Grow, Learn, Appreciate

Helen Gray, M.D.It's amazing to me to see how quickly time can pass. I look back and can still remember the day I moved out of my parent's home. I vividly recall each day my children were born. I can also still remember the moment I crossed the stage at my White Coat ceremony and how I felt both excited and nervous, and the accomplishment I felt at that moment.

I am proud that the Class of 2019 will be embarking on this same adventure. I wish them all the best and want them to remember to cherish and embrace every moment because before they know it, they will be graduating and moving forward in residencies around the country.

Along with time whizzing by, I personally have been immersed in a sea of change. As I write this letter to you all and send well wishes to our new medical school class, I am learning to appreciate change as a time to grow, learn and appreciate.

We alumni have all experienced change from the moment we received our acceptance letter, to the time we celebrated our residency and fellowship graduations and began our careers. Some of us started new relationships, some built families, and some made impacts to our community locally up to globally. One such alumnus is Philippe Bishop, M.D. '93, whom we were pleased to honor at our University of Nevada's Homecoming Gala and Annual Alumni Reception. I'm so proud to come from a school that has inspired such amazing physicians.

Another lesson I am currently learning during my current transition is to become involved with the school that helped you on your path to excellence. Our school and local medical community also is experiencing a large amount of change which can always utilize support.

Although I have relocated out of Nevada, I still find enjoyment in giving back to our medical school both in time and financially with my dues to our association. I hope you all will feel compelled to do the same.

Best wishes to all!

Helen Gray, M.D. '08
President, University of Nevada School of Medicine Alumni Association

University of Nevada School of Medicine Alumni Association Officers

Helen Gray, M.D. '08, President

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