Fall 2015
Facts and Figures

synapse: University of Nevada, Reno School of Medicine

The Importance of Physician Residency Programs

While several factors can affect a physician's decision to practice medicine in Nevada, the location where the individual completes residency-the required additional three or more years of training in a primary care or specialty area beyond medical school-is a critical determining factor.

University of Nevada School of Medicine students who graduate from the school and complete residency training in Nevada have an 80 percent likelihood of staying in the state to practice medicine.

Those who graduated from medical schools other than the School of Medicine, but who complete a School of Medicine residency program have a 60 percent likelihood of staying in Nevada.

University of Nevada School of Medicine graduates who complete residency training out of state have just a 40 percent likelihood of returning to Nevada.

The School of Medicine, with support from hospital partners and the state of Nevada, is aiming to increase the quality and quantity of its residency programs.

Nevada residency infographic