Dean's Perspective

synapse: University of Nevada, Reno School of Medicine

New facilities coming online

Ole J. ThienhausIn an environment that is characterized by economic retrenchment and unmet needs, the School of Medicine has been able to keep fulfilling its mission and to grow and move forward.

This issue of Synapse—the third since its rebirth—is testimony to a dynamic academic enterprise.

The importance of our new ventures on our Las Vegas campus can hardly be overstated. The Simulation Center on the Shadow Lane campus, operating since September 2009, represents a quantum leap forward in clinical training. The surgical laboratory space, in the same building, is the School of Medicine's first "own" research space in Las Vegas and the first substantive expansion of research space into a new building in decades. As this will be followed this year by the opening of the Center for Molecular Medicine in Reno, we look at an amazing validation of the School of Medicine's claim to being a research-intensive institution. The articles on what is happening in pathology and pediatric genetics fill you in on some of the relevant activities of this research.

Our primary mission continues to be the training of physicians. Such training extends to both students and residents and, increasingly, to fellows. The development of research and the emergence of fellowship training go hand-in-hand. Our partnership with the Nevada Cancer Institute will make possible the inauguration of a new oncology training program—the first new fellowship of many to follow. More on this can also be found in this Synapse.

So—while Nevada and the nation continue to struggle with adversity, we try to protect the integrity of our enterprise. I am confident that the best contribution we can make to our community is the continued commitment to delivering on our mission. To be part of that effort, I am truly thankful!

Ole J. Thienhaus, M.D.
Dean, University of Nevada School of Medicine