Spring 2012
Alumni Notes

synapse: University of Nevada, Reno School of Medicine

Message from the president

One of my distinct honors as an officer of the alumni association has been our group's responsibility of selecting a recipient for the annual Outstanding Alumnus award. After reviewing this year's nominees, we are pleased to bestow this recognition upon Frieda Hulka, M.D. '92.

Dr. Hulka is a general surgeon at Western Surgical Group in Reno. She has served as an adjunct clinical faculty member at the school since 2000 and taken medical students under her wing through intensive summer surgical preceptorships and fourth-year internships. She has volunteered as a speaker for medical student special interest groups and, most recently, has been an active anatomy lecturer.

Her dedication to the medical school is worthy of recognition, but it is her enthusiasm for medicine that has touched students and residents.

Please join us in recognizing her dedication and service at the annual alumni reunion on Friday, April 27 from 5:30 to 7 p.m. We will also celebrate the 25-year reunion for the Class of 1987. This year's event will also feature a tour of the new William N. Pennington Health Sciences Building, which is the instructional home of the first- and second-year medical school classes. Come back to campus and see what attending medical school is like in 2012. I think you will find that it is very different than the campus we knew!

The association is looking for a number of alumni to fill open positions on our board. The time commitment is minimal, but very rewarding. If you are interested in finding out more about serving as an officer or to express your interest in one of the open positions, please email the University of Nevada School of Medicine's alumni office.

As my term wraps up this July, I'd like to say what a pleasure it has been to serve you as president and to extend my sincere thanks to all of the association's supportive members and my fellow officers. Over the past several years we have increased our membership and reconnected alumni with the school. We have fiscally supported the publication of Synapse, connected alumni with volunteer opportunities at the school and held annual events bringing back alumni to where they started their medical education journey. At our last alumni board meeting we approved support to underwrite future Continuing Medical Education classes, which will be free for dues-paying members of our alumni chapter. We will also start a new tradition of purchasing a white coat for each new incoming medical student. We welcome you to join us in welcoming the 68 members of the Class of 2016 at the White Coat Ceremony on Aug. 10.

Lisa M. Lyons, M.D. '97
President, University of Nevada School of Medicine Alumni Association

Alumni association board officers

Lisa M. Lyons, M.D. '97, President

Tracey L. Delaplain, M.D. '87, President-Elect

Helen Gray, M.D. '08, Vice President of Communications

Sharon Frank, M.D. '81, Vice President for Membership

Joan Brookhyser, M.D. '75, Treasurer and Secretary

Joseph Hollen, M.D. '76, Member-at-Large

Jan Thomson, M.D. '82, Member-at-Large

Susan Park, M.D. '05, Member-at-Large