Spring 2014
Class Act

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Class of 2017 recites the Honor Pledge

The Class of 2017 recites the Honor Pledge at last summer's White Coat Ceremony. Photo by Matt Lush

Class of 2017 Hits the Ground Running

By Anne Pershing

Only a few months into their first year of medical school last fall, two students in the Class of 2017 immediately made an impact by presenting at the George G. Bierkamper Research Convocation. Another became class president.

Such early dedication and passion is typical for students at the University of Nevada School of Medicine. Anna Louie, Jordon March and Cicero Running Crane, all with the Class of 2017, exemplify that passion.

Louie, who presented her research work entitled “Akaike Information Criterion, Principle Component Analysis and Random Forests: Statistical Methods for Analyzing Large Multivariate Data Sets” at the Bierkamper Convocation last October, grew up in Reno and graduated from Brown University in Rhode Island with a bachelor of science degree in biology with a focus on immunobiology.

Following graduation, Louie applied to several other medical schools, but was happy to be accepted at Nevada, where she likes the small class size. “I tend to ask lots of questions during class, which is easier in a small classroom.”

“I also like the other students. They’re fun to be with and we watch each other’s backs. And the professors are great, too. When I asked them to hold review lectures before the exams, they all agreed which helped us immensely.”

In regard to her future in medicine, Louie said: “I really like genetics and doing cancer research. Surgery is a possibility. I’m also learning about other specialties, so I’m open. Right now, what I end up doing is more important to me than where I live.”

Jordon March, whose Bierkamper presentation was entitled “Modification to the AOAC Sporicidal Activity of Disinfectants Tests: A Pre-Collaborative Study,” is from Utah and graduated from Brigham Young University in 2011.

The married father of a two-year-old son also applied to other medical schools, but said he wanted to be admitted to the School of Medicine so that he and his wife could be close to family.

March, who enjoys working in publishing and giving presentations, said he is open about a medical specialty.
“I’m looking at pediatrics, surgery, and working in the ER, among others. There are so many different types of specialties and am checking out most of them.”

There are many things March enjoys about medical school including the Reno campus, its facilities, the friendly administrative staff, his fellow students and the camaraderie they share, the professors and the fact that he believes he is getting a good education.

Class of 2017 President Cicero J. Running Crane, a former U.S. Marine who is proud to call himself a Native American, agrees with his fellow classmates about the positive connection between students.

“I like the small classes as it gives you the opportunity to get to know your classmates. And our professors know us by name and that’s rare in medical schools. I’m grateful for the experience I’m having at the school and am happy I made the decision to come here.”

Running Crane, who comes from Great Falls, Mont., and attended college at the University of Colorado in Boulder, made his decision to go into the field of medicine while serving with the Marines.

“Because of a combination of experiences while deployed, I saw firsthand our Navy medical personnel around the world and the impact they had on citizens in all the countries, both civilian and military. You see the positive impact, especially on those who might not get any medical care. It had such a profound impact on me that I decided I wanted to make a difference in the medical field and help other others.”

The Class of 2017 boasts 63 of its 68 new students as Nevadans. Seventy-eight percent of the students are from Washoe and Clark Counties while four percent are from rural Nevada.