Spring 2015
Alumni President Message

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Reviewing and planning for success

By Helen Gray, M.D.'08

Helen GrayIt’s amazing how time can breeze by when you go through the usual routine of a day with work, family and other extracurricular activities that occupy one’s schedule.

Here we are in the spring of 2015, preparing to matriculate another bright and intelligent class from our medical school.

Opportunities to participate in the last few events for this graduating class such as Match Day and hooding remind me of that excitement which coursed through me as I began the next step in my journey as a physician.

I encourage all who are able to attend these events not only to support our next round of alumni and physicians, but to be reminded of why you went into medicine and to pay homage to the school that brought you there.

When I look at my time since graduation, I do not see my remaining attachments to the School of Medicine as being only ones which are fiscal, but also as the foundation that sent me on the path I am currently taking. In turn, I choose to pay it forward not only by contributing dues to help with furthering student grants and interests, but by volunteering whenever possible, even if only for an hour or two, to support and encourage students on their road to being a physician.

I am proud of the accomplishments of our board and association during this past year. Dues from memberships and gifts have allowed us to continue support for our students and alumni, such as our tradition of purchasing white coats for each of the new incoming medical students. We’ve also held successful continuing medical education classes in Reno and Las Vegas this spring. And this semester the Student Outreach Clinic was selected as the recipient of our annual community project grant award.

With the strength of its members, our association continued its pursuit of our mission to build and foster a community which will benefit both students and alumni. I challenge each one of you to continue to be members of our alumni association and encourage your fellow classmates to do the same.

I look forward to the upcoming year continuing as your alumni association president.

Helen Gray, M.D. '08, FAFP
President, University of Nevada School of Medicine Alumni Association