Spring 2016
Alumni President Message

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Thank you, Lifetime Members

Helen Gray, M.D.'08As another medical school class matriculates, I find myself reminiscing about my years at the School of Medicine and how they helped to shape and form me into the physician I am now.

I am proud to be able to say that I graduated from the University of Nevada School of Medicine. I know that moving forward as our state's medical school system evolves, our school will still support and promote physicians who will become passionate caregivers and strong leaders of many communities.

Some of these leaders have also done their part in remembering where their journey started in the form of contributing back to our school as Lifetime Alumni members. I want to acknowledge all our alumni, but especially those who have been able and willing to continue to be a part of our medical school family.

As I write to you today, we are at 98 lifetime members. I understand the challenge of juggling our careers and personal lives, which often impedes us giving back in the form of time, but I know that each one of us can make a difference in supporting our future physicians and association by becoming not only dues paying members, but becoming lifetime members. I encourage you to get that number of lifetime members up to 100 and even more!

Once again, thank you to all of you who stay connected to the School of Medicine and a very special thank you and recognition to our lifetime members.

To inquire about lifetime membership, email Rebecca Rumbaugh at: rrumbaugh@unr.edu.

Helen Gray, M.D.'08
President, University of Nevada School of Medicine Alumni Association

University of Nevada School of Medicine Alumni Association Lifetime Members

  • Jerry C. Calvanese,‘73
  • Charles B. Sonderegger,‘74
  • Roger E. Jacobson,‘75
  • James L. Patterson,'75
  • David G. Young,'75
  • Edward S. Bentley,'76
  • Joseph R. Hollen,'76
  • Teresa V. Keller Durbin,'76
  • Stephen D. Landaker,'76
  • Mary A. Anderson,'77
  • John D. Bancroft,'77
  • Galen M. Reimer,'77
  • Stanton H. Allen,'80
  • Richard D. Newbold,'80
  • Jeffrey D. Upton,'80
  • Nicholas Blavatsky,'81
  • Kathie E. Coopersmith,'81
  • Bradley K. Cruz,'81
  • Sharon C. Frank,'81
  • Anita C. Kidder,'81
  • Terry L. McCaskill,'81
  • Michael A. Patmas,'81
  • Susan R. Pintar-Kop,'81
  • Patrice K. Richardson,'81
  • Roy Tsuda,'81
  • William E. Von Tobel,'81
  • Thomas Wong,'81
  • Ian L. Goldman,'82
  • Stephen L. Mandaro,'82
  • Benjamin J. Rodriguez,'82
  • Christopher T. Rores,'82
  • Bruce S. Shapiro,'82
  • Martha A. Turchyn-Mazuryk,'82
  • Dodd D. Hyer,'83
  • Larry D. Klaich,'83
  • Sheldon M. Kop,'83
  • David R. Lehnherr,'83
  • Terry J. Buccambuso,'84
  • Gregory A. Dean,'84
  • Kerry A. Dean,'84
  • Brad T. Graves,'84
  • Russell N. Neibaur,'84
  • Sandra L. Scheler-Mangiapia,'84
  • Brian A. Trimble,'84
  • William A. Zamboni*,'84
  • Herve Bezard,'85
  • Georgianna M. Duxbury,'85
  • Stephen N. Harris,'85
  • Kelle L. Brogan,'86
  • Guy G. Gansert,'86
  • June M. George,'86
  • Ann C. Jobe,'86
  • Matthew L. Boulton,'87
  • Tracey L. Delaplain,'87
  • Carlos E. Fonte,'87
  • Paul N. McClintock,'87
  • Jill L. Oswalt,'87
  • Kimberly Page,'87
  • Eric M. Boyden,'88
  • Kathleen Juarez,'88
  • Paul M. Stumpf,'88
  • Mark W. Doubrava,'89
  • Edward C. Spoon,'89
  • Jennifer J. Sutton,'89
  • Mark A. Barnard,'90
  • Larry A. Levine,'91
  • Griffith C. Steiner,'91
  • John M. Watson,'91
  • Sherrie A. Hald,'92
  • Frieda M. Hulka,'92
  • Sarah L. Newton,'92
  • Patrick J. Osgood,'92
  • Jeffrey J. Roth,'92
  • Paul R. Smith,'95
  • David F. Drake,'97
  • Paul G. Ferucci,'97
  • Christopher D. Johnson,'97
  • Lisa M. Lyons,'97
  • Peter B. DeKay,'98
  • Travis D. Kieckbusch,'98
  • Bryan E. Scheer,'98
  • Sara M. Metcalf,'00
  • Timothy J. O'Mara,'00
  • Cynthia A. Ferreira,'01
  • Allen Gabriel,'01
  • Jennifer J. Janiga,'01
  • Timothy A. Janiga,'01
  • Vincent A. Loffredo,'01
  • Laura B. Thompson,'01
  • Susan N. Perry,'02
  • Leigh R. Anderson,'04
  • Logan A. McLean,'05
  • Ryan C. Young,'05
  • Jonathan L. McCaleb,'07
  • Alexis C. Recine,'07
  • Justin J. Sonderegger,'09
  • Joshua L. Cartinella,'10
  • Edward W. Petrik,'11