Spring 2017
Anatomy of a Strategic Plan

synapse: University of Nevada, Reno School of Medicine

Our History

For nearly 50 years, UNR Med has recruited and trained best-in-class medical professionals, guided by a three-part mission of education, research and service based on the values of compassion, respect and diversity. As we enter a new chapter, we celebrate a statewide legacy of growth, impact and engagement.

Our process has been a community-driven, data-informed effort. The UNR Med community identified areas of institutional growth and sequenced them according to vision alignment, urgency and resource intensity. The process defined the needs for infrastructure and the five major initiatives of our strategic plan: expanding curriculum, graduate medical education, clinical and translational research, strategic recruitment and institutional identity and climate.

Inspiration & Alignment

The University of Nevada, Reno’s 2015-2021 Institutional Strategic Plan offered direction, inspiration and alignment with “Our Plan for a Healthy Nevada,” especially targeting research and wellness. This UNR Med plan also embraces the University of Nevada, Reno’s Core Themes of learning, discovery and engagement.

Graph showing how our themes lead to initatives
The UNR Core Themes of Learning, Discovery and Engagement lead to the UNR Med Initiatives.


  • We will organize a coalition for collectively supporting infrastructural initiatives.
  • We will develop mechanisms for increased communication and transparency.
  • We will have processes in place to facilitate access to infrastructural services.


Expanding Curriculum

  • We will revise our institutional objectives to target the skills, knowledge and competencies to train compassionate, resilient and competent physicians who will be innovators and leaders in medicine.
  • We will develop new medical education training sites and expand capacity in northern Nevada.
  • We will develop the departmental resources to ensure effective delivery of our expanded curriculum.

Graduate Medical Education

  • We will create and fund an Office for Graduate Medical Education for northern Nevada.
  • We will develop current and future infrastructure to support and expand residencies and fellowships.
  • We will develop and expand rural training opportunities for northern Nevada residents.

Clinical & Translational Research

  • We will enhance research partnerships with community partners and physicians.
  • We will expand opportunities for medical student research and scholarship, increasing the number of students who participate in research.
  • We will develop infrastructure to support clinical and translational research by UNR Med faculty and community partners.
  • We will expand basic science research by supporting interdisciplinary program awards (e.g., PPG, COBRE) and commercialization of research findings.

Strategic Recruitment

  • We will create and implement a high-quality, standardized, faculty recruitment and hiring process.
  • We will recruit community partners to provide high-quality clinical instruction for students and residents.
  • We will recruit to advance a culture of inclusion and increase the diversity of applicants and acceptances.
  • We will increase our presence in K-16 institutions to prepare, recruit, and retain the highest quality Nevada students.

Institutional Identity & Climate

  • We will foster our environment of wellness and engagement for students, residents, fellows, faculty and staff.
  • We will define what UNR Med represents to our partners and communities.
  • We will increase community partner integration so they identify and engage with UNR Med.

Looking Forward

The success of our strategic plan relies upon implementing and communicating it with enthusiasm and integrity. Our initiatives will derive financial support through state and grant funding and collaborations with community partners. Furthermore, we are tracking and supporting our strategic planning goals with the individuals who helped define them.

Updates about our progress is posted on our strategic plan website. On this site, we will track the progress of each initiative through specific metrics and inform our community through annual reports and the interactive dashboard. The greater UNR Med community can also expect updates at school-wide meetings to celebrate our achievements and receive feedback about the process.

Visit the Strategic Plan website to track our progress and find out how you can take part to join in our vision of A Healthy Nevada.

Planning Is a Community Effort

More than 535 individuals in the UNR Med community contributed to the strategic plan. All stakeholder levels participated, making it one of the most collaborative projects in the school’s history.

Graph showing breakdown of contributors
145 Academic Faculty, 112 Students, 106 Staff, 67 Community Partners, 62 Administrative Faculty, and 45 Residents & fellows contributed.

Strategic Plan At-A-Glance

Over the next three years, our measurable outcomes shape our path to successfully achieving our strategic plan goals.

Graph showing breakdown of contributors
Our goals are 26% in 2017, 48% in 2018, and 100% by 2019.