About Us

University Health Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences provides exceptional care by a collaborative group of psychiatrists, psychologists, and social workers to provide care across the lifespan. We work with our clients to develop individualized care plans to meet your healthcare goals. We offer medication management and therapy services for adults, children, and adolescents.

What is a resident physician?

A resident is a doctor who completed medical school, but is continuing training. Resident physicians during the first year of training are referred to as interns. 

Internship and residency are standard training that every physician completes before practicing medicine independently. Training lasts for four years in psychiatry.

Our Psychiatry Residents rotate through our Clinic for one year of their post-graduate training, from July 1 to June 30. Therefore, your continuing care will be transferred to a new resident on July 1 of each year, and your new psychiatrist will provide you with the same level of quality care you have grown to expect from University Health.

Our resident physicians work with supervising "attending" physicians to review your mental health care plans and ensure excellent care.

What is a fellow physician?

A fellow is a doctor who has completed their general internship and resident requirements and is seeking further specialization in a specific area. Child and adolescent psychiatry fellowships last an additional two years beyond general psychiatry training.

Our Child and Adolescent Fellows rotate through our Clinic for two years. Therefore, your continuing care will be transferred at the end psychiatrist's training.

Our fellow physicians work with board certified child and adolescent psychiatrist supervising “attending” physicians to review your mental health care plans and ensure excellent care. 

What is an attending physician?

An attending physician is a doctor who has completed his or her medical training and is the supervising physician on staff. Your resident physician works closely with the attending physician, and all decisions are under the guidance of the assigned attending physician.

At every one of your visits, your care is discussed with the attending physician. An attending physician will be available while you are in the office for questions or concerns.

Why should I be a patient in a resident or fellow physician clinic?

Resident and fellow physician schedules are arranged so they can spend additional quality time with you. This session is used not only to evaluate your mental health needs, but to also consult with the supervising physician on care recommendations. Resident and fellow physicians discuss every patient with the attending physician. Each patient will have an in-depth review of their illnesses, medications, and comprehensive care plans. Resident and fellow physicians gain medical experience through interactions with patients and critical feedback, fostering personal and professional growth. Every physician must complete residency before being able to practice independently. You are making an impact on the education of physicians by being an integral part of the physician's training.