Clinical Research Center

Clinical research expertise and resources for clinical, translational and biomedical researchers

Exam Table


  • Eleven clinical examination rooms equipped with exam table, otoscope, ophthalmoscope, vital signs equipment, and sink
  • Basic specimen processing area equipped with refrigerated centrifuge
  • Ambient, cold, and frozen secure storage for investigational product or short term specimen storage, monitored and recorded per SOP, that includes two 2-8° C refrigerators, a -20° C freezer, and a -80° C freezer
  • Access to ice and dry ice in contiguous lab space
  • Automated vital signs monitor, AED, limited anthropometric equipment, secure document disposal, printer/fax/copier/scanner, analog line for data transmission
  • Calibration and service record maintenance for all CRC equipment
  • CRC Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) Manual
Exam Table

Work with a Team of Experts

The operational team includes a part time research pharmacist, a part time emergency medicine specialist, research director, center manager and study coordinators.

The Director of Research and Clinical Research Administrative Manager provide consultation and analysis of project design, logistics and resource needs. The manager will also work closely with researchers and medical trainees to find suitable matches that synergize research objectives and expose students to unique and broad research opportunities. The manager also supports researchers with research budget preparation and cost management, regulatory compliance, IRB navigation and human research protection training requirements.