Healthy Nevada Speaker Sseries Featuring New York Times Best Selling Author - Adam Alter

Addictive tech is taking over our lives. Here's how to push back.  - By Roseann Langlois

Ten years ago, the average person could look at a photo and concentrate for 12 seconds. Today, our attention span has dropped to eight seconds.
A goldfish can focus for nine.

What gives? Professor, researcher and New York Times bestselling author Adam Alter, Ph.D., attributes our shrinking attention span to the advent of so-called addictive tech items like the smartphone, iPhone and iPad (items that are-not coincidentally-prohibited in the homes of the same innovators who brought them to market).
In his most recent book, "Irresistible: The Rise of Addictive Technology and the Business of Keeping us Hooked," Alter explores how technology is straining our relationships and fueling a frenetic, round-the-clock work culture.

As the keynote speaker for UNR Med's 2019 Healthy Nevada Speaker Series Nov. 18, Alter will present ideas for creating a more sustainable relationship with technology.
We asked him about tech addiction, how it's affecting us and what we can do.

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