Graduate Research

Molecular Biosciences The Molecular Biosciences Program is an exciting interdisciplinary collaboration between the College of Agriculture, Biotechnology and Natural Resources, the School of Medicine and the College of Science. The program offers students more than 30 areas of research opportunity, including genetics, infectious diseases, nutrition, bioinformatics and smooth muscle biology. As a student, you also enjoy access to faculty with a broad range of specializations across the biological and biomedical sciences.
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Pharmacology The University of Nevada, Reno School of Medicine Department of Pharmacology studies the therapeutic value and/or potential toxicity of chemical agents on biological systems.
Pharmaconoly lab assistant
Physiology and Cell Biology Research in the Department of Physiology & Cell Biology focuses on smooth muscle biology, ion channels, neuropharmacology, gastric motility, developmental neuroscience, and reproductive biology.
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Cellular and Molecular Pharmacology and Physiology The Cellular and Molecular Pharmacology & Physiology Graduate Program is a campus-wide interdisciplinary program for Ph.D. and MS students, part of the Molecular Biosciences Program at the University of Nevada, Reno.
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Microbiology and Immunology Research in the department of Microbiology and Immunology focuses on immunology with an emphasis on cancer biology and microbial pathogenesis with a particular interest in emerging microbial infections and biodefense.
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Pathology and Laboratory Medicine The Pathology and Laboratory Medicine Department is committed to research in the areas of cytogenetics and the history of medicine.
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Speech-Language Pathology The Speech Pathology and Audiology Department offers students research in various specialty areas, and encourages student participation in research projects.
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Electrical and Biomedical Engineering From electromagnetics to biosensors to smart grids, Electrical and Biomedical Engineering is focused on staying on the cutting-edge of electrical and biomedical engineering research and training our students to be successful leaders in the field.
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Cell and Molecular Biology Cell and Molecular Biology (CMB) is a degree path within the Molecular Biosciences interdisciplinary graduate program that offer graduate studies culminating in the Master of Science and the Doctor of Philosophy degrees, preparing students for careers in biological and biomedical research, industry, and teaching.
M.D./Ph.D. Program The M.D., Ph.D. Program is designed to train a limited number of highly motivated students for careers as biomedical scientists in clinical and translational research. Students in the program will acquire dual expertise in biomedical research and clinical medicine and will be prepared to conduct and to manage research aimed at the prevention and treatment of human disease. Graduates of the Program will receive a combined M.D., Ph.D. Degree.