Grant Support

Proposal development and processing support are available to all School of Medicine faculty and students preparing sponsored projects proposals. We will guide you through the process and provide ancillary support so you can focus on what is most important to you - your science.

  • Grant proposal workflow to meet the deadline
  • Identifying funding opportunities
  • Budget development, budget justification& review
  • InfoEd proposal creation and/or data entry
  • Facilitation with collaborating institutions, subcontractor(s) and/or consultants
  • Programmatic & administrative questions

Please request support in a timely manner, well in advance of the sponsor's due date, by completing the  Intent to Submit form.  

The following elements are required for you to be able to successfully process and submit a proposal:  

InfoEd Training: All faculty must attend InfoEd training through Research & Innovation's Sponsored Projects department (see below).  

Conflict of Interest Discolsure: All faculty must complete an annual conflict of interest disclosure. This can be done via the InfoEd system by selecting the "External Interests" tab on your InfoEd home page.  

Agency Registration: The most common agencies for UNR Med require individual registration prior to the submission of a proposal.

If you have an ID from a previous institution, your ID name and password will remain the same however, the primary organization and email address will need to be updated before a proposal can be submitted. Please update your profile within the sponsor's site.  

For other submission systems, please verify within the solicitation announcement about any individual registration required to successfully respond to the solicitation.  

Sponsored Projects - Quick Reference Guide Here you will find the most current Fringe Benefit Rates, F&A Rates, Legal Name and Institution Numbers (i.e., EIN, Duns, etc...)  

Sponsored Projects - Training Here you will find information on InfoEd training, New PI training, Effort Reporting, Animal Welfare & Animal Care and Use and much more.

Proposal Routing and Review