What we do

The Office of Continuous Institutional Assessment manages the LCME accreditation process for the University of Nevada, Reno School of Medicine. We lead the schools’ self-study process, coordinate updates and notifications to the LCME, and provide training for UNR Med faculty and staff on the LCME accreditation standards and how those standards relate to their work.  Additionally we manage the school’s CQI processes related to LCME accreditation. This includes monitoring and providing feedback to ensure ongoing quality assurance monitoring is occurring, and that when necessary, improvement plans are developed to ensure ongoing compliance with LCME standards and elements.  The CIA facilitates the development and implementation of assessment systems in support of accreditation and works with leaders to develop systematic QA and QI processes empowering units to use data and engage in CQI.

Data Collection, Analysis, and Dissemination

The CIA takes the lead on analysis and dissemination of data that spans multiple units, departments, or functions and/or requires confidentiality preventing the data from being managed by the individual unit. The CIA develops dashboards that facilitate use of these data to inform decision making and quality improvement initiatives. Examples of data that the CIA manages include:

  • AAMC student surveys
  • Internal medical student survey
  • US News and World Report
  • Employee diversity data

Access to the dashboards is restricted based on an individuals’ role and how they plan to use the data.

Policy Oversight

The CIA currently leads UNR Med’s policy committee, orchestrating the collaboration between UNR Med leadership, various subject matter experts, and faculty input to develop and update policies concerning students, faculty, and staff.