Office of Compliance and Quality Improvement

Office of Compliance and Quality Improvement

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Incident Reporting System

Please use the new incident reporting tool "Compliance Manager" when reporting issues to Compliance. 

  • When logging in, your login ID will be your email address.
    • If you have any issues signing in, please utilize the "forgot password" function or contact Miles Leddy (
  • Examples of potential incidents include:
    • Disclosures of protected health information
    • Innapropriate use of social media
    • Theft of medication or other private property 
    • Lack of proper medical documentation

Compliance Hotline

Alternatively, you can report/discuss any situation you believe to be an incident by calling our Compliance Hotline at 866-671-2230.  If requested, your identity will be kept confidential. 

  • When calling the Compliance Hotline, you may choose to either be anonymous or to include your name and contact information.