New York, Health Complications, and Book Tour

Scully describes some of the background and experience working with Fred Anderson, who he calls the father of the medical school. Because the school was up and running, Scully was able to slowly ease back into pediatric instruction. In 1982, Scully went to New York to study teaching and pediatric literature while on sabbatical from the university. In New York, Scully worked on developing more of the ethical side of medicine, including things like abortion, and how to introduce students to similar issues.

Health Complications and Book Tour

Although Scully never went over medical ethics while in school, during his sabbatical in New York he discussed and learned many ways to introduce those concepts to students. After returning to the university, Scully and Celia began working on a medical ethics guidebook, when he discovered his earlier kidney problems had returned. After discussing with his family, Scully's sister Evangeline was matched as a donor, and despite several complications, the surgery was a success. Because he had resigned in anticipation of sick leave, it took several months before Scully was able to come back and do a book tour for his book, “Playing God: The New World of Medical Choices.” After finishing the tour, Scully returned to the school as the associate dean of student affairs, only to be struck with a heart attack in 1990.