Member of the Board of Medical Examiners

Scully, a member of the board of medical examiners for several years, details some of his responsibilities with the group. With only a handful of disciplinary actions in its early stages, Scully details how public criticism drew the board to expand in both size and action, electing Ted Jacobs to the chairmanship for years. Scully also discusses some of the increases in training requirements and efforts to make the medical profession more regulated.

Member of the Board of Medical Examiners 2

Continuing with discussion about the Board of Medical Examiners, Scully talks about the steps taken to regulate physicians with problems like drug and alcohol addiction. Although Scully dealt with a handful of physicians committing malpractice, he also comments on the large number of professional and helpful doctors that came to Nevada during the 1970's and 1980's. Scully also talks about the consolidation of state-based medical certification into a national system, which helped ensure quality of care.