Working with Children, Teaching Ethical Issues, and Writing, Editing, and Publishing

Scully talks about his work with the Children's Clinic, and with several facilities within Reno that helped children with disabilities. Scully also talks about teaching ethics, and instructing students to use their own knowledge to understand ethical issues in order to prepare them for the tough decisions they would have to make in the future.

Writing, Editing, and Publishing

Scully continues his previous discussion of ethics, this time detailing some of the more specific happenings in regards to making ethical decisions while actually working in a hospital. Scully discusses how he and Celia went through the process of writing, editing and publishing their book on medical ethics, including promoting the book on television and radio talk shows. But after his kidney transplant, Scully experienced a cardiovascular problem and decided to lessen his workload with the University, stepping down from his old position and working within the medical school's alumni department.