Marriage, Medical School, and Summer Vacation

After success in pre-medical classes, Scully decided to focus in that field, and describes his relationship with fellow scholarship winner and roommate Richard Janeway. Celia, whom Scully continued to date throughout college, attended the College of St. Elizabeth before transferring to Trinity College. Celia married Scully in 1956. Scully began medical school in the fall of 1954, with only one female classmate. Continuing with his tradition of always working, Scully spent time as a counselor at a day camp with Celia and worked with a fraternity brother as a truck driver in Alaska during his summer vacations from Colgate University. Scully talks about the origin and workings of "The Colgate Thirteen", a group of male Colgate students who performed a cappella songs who performed with Doris Day and on The Red Skelton Show. Scully describes the location and area of Hamilton, New York (Colgate) and Albany, New York (Albany Medical College).

Experiences in Medical School

Scully tells of some of his experiences at Albany Medical School including smoking his first cigarette in the anatomy room his first year. Scully recalls his first year as a blur, but remembers dissecting cadavers, reading and studying for long hours, as well as working over summer. Scully mentions the academic difficulty of adjusting to medical school, which was amplified by him working for and living with an elderly paraplegic English professor in his second year. Scully nearly flunked out due to the stress and long days. At the end of his second year Scully began studying for the National Boards as well as planning his wedding with Celia. Scully studied day and night with his then roommate Stephen Sullivan for the National Boards, which both of them passed. In the time between sophomore and junior year, Scully married Celia, joined the Air Force, and bought an apartment. Scully did extremely well in his third and fourth years at Albany.