Inspirations, Procedures, and Issues

Scully recaps the second year of medical school again, including getting infectious mononucleosis and marrying Celia. Scully was influence by his own medical school experience to create a new curriculum that seemed more relevant for the ongoing changes in medicine. He also mentioned how some patients at Albany Medical Center were not to be seen by students because of their personal reasons or that their doctor was against it. Scully then turns to maternity wards and hydrocephalic babies and some 'inappropriate' ways doctors would handle babies that were not considered normal. Scully finishes with his frightening experience in the psychiatric ward and how alcoholism was viewed in those days.

1950's Hospitals, UNR's Medical Program, and Love for the Desert

Scully starts the interview by saying how drugs, similar to alcohol, was an addiction only on the streets and the lectures that medical students had about drugs. He also discusses how residents and teachers would grant opportunities for students who showed an interest in a particular field. Jumping forward, the small class size in the medical school at the University of Nevada actually was beneficial for the students as it afforded more hands-on experiences than what larger medical schools could present for their students. Scully also talks about his graduation and what field a few of his classmates went into. Scully begins to talk about El Paso and how he fell in love with the southwest and did not want to go back east.