Options, Changes, Access, and Military Service

Thomas Scully describes his experiences while he was undergoing his internship on an Army base in El Paso, Texas. Due to the Air Force not having a military hospital at one of their bases, Scully and other medical students were assigned to Army bases to complete their internships. Scully recounts how he and his wife fell in love with the west and southwest, deciding on living there after Scully paid back his time for the Air Force. His decision to attend the University of Pennsylvania as a resident in pediatrics was influenced by his roommate from Colgate, Richard Janeway, and Paul Patterson, chairman at Albany. He discusses how advanced the University of Pennsylvania hospital was compared to Albany and other hospitals in the Philadelphia area as well as enthusiasm from students and interns he taught. Scully describes his views on the Libby Zion case which caused controversy in the medical field.

Spain for Military Service

Thomas Scully remembers how he was stationed in Madrid, Spain after his residency at the University of Pennsylvania in order to begin paying back time to the Air Force. Scully explains how poverty-stricken Spain was at the time including how many military families would employ Spanish men and women to help out in the home. He notes that the move to Spain helped his marriage with Celia because her family was in Spain and were able to help look after their children. He also describes a variety of different diseases he came across while in Madrid from dysentery, to parasitic worms and a child born without arms due to the drug thalidomide.