Madrid, San Antonio, and Las Vegas

Thomas Scully sums up his overall experiences in Madrid, Spain. Scully talks about living off base in Royal Oaks, establishing relationships with other physicians on the base, and bullfighting. Theodore Jacobs, also stationed at Torrejón Air Force Base, and his wife Parvin Jacobs were major influences on Scully and convinced him, as well as others, to move to Las Vegas, Nevada after their obligatory time had been paid back. Scully recounts how he became extremely ill after taking his Boards and stopped smoking afterwards due to this incident. Scully explains that he was asked to be a witness when confronting a physician who was addicted to codeine and how this experience stayed with him when he was working for the Board of Medical Examiners. Scully finishes with a story about his sister marrying and divorcing a man who would teach Spanish to Scully and his wife.

The Move to San Antonio and Las Vegas

Thomas Scully tells of his fourth child, Martin, being delivered in his and Celia's bed while being helped by a neighboring physician. Scully reminisces how the world reacted to Kennedy's assassination and how several of Celia's relatives came to their house to offer their condolences. Scully left Spain after three years and moved to San Antonio where Lackland Air Force base was established. Lackland Air Force base was the referral hospital for the central U.S. and would handle any problematic health cases for Air Force officials. Scully was stationed in Lackland for the remaining two years of his enlistment; towards the end of the two years he and Celia began looking for jobs outside of the Air Force. Ted and Parvin Jacobs convinced them to come to Las Vegas and go into private practice with Tony Carter, another pediatrician. Eventually Scully's practice with Carter ended and Scully moved on to work with Otto Ravenholt as the assistant health officer. Scully also tells of some anecdotes about dancers in Las Vegas receiving silicone injections and bringing their children in for checkups as well as quick stories about being the assistant health officer.