Institutional & Community Engagement Activities

UNR Med requests that all academic faculty add engagement and faculty development activities to their self-evaluations generated through Digital Measures (DM). Once the evaluation document is generated (as a report) through DM, activities are then manually edited into Section C: Service Assignment.

The compensation plan will include an opportunity for excess productivity payments. A total of five activities are required to be eligible for the payment: three activities from the institutional list below and two from the departmental activities list provided by your department. Items from the list of institutional engagement activities below, can be copied and pasted into your generated evaluation. Departmental engagement activities will be provided by each department separately.

Institutional Engagement Activities: Please list 3

Supporting our School's Planning, Accreditation, and Governance by participation in:

  • UNR Faculty Senate
  • Search Committee(s)
  • LCME Self-Study
  • Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME) or CLER activities
  • Outreach and support to UNR Med: Please explain

Representing our Institution to Local, State, and National Communities by:

  • Providing campus or laboratory tours
  • Making media appearances
  • Providing presentations to State Officials
  • Other representation: Please explain

Supporting Our Faculty Colleagues by:

  • Writing nomination letters for colleagues
  • Mentoring colleagues
  • Reviewing manuscripts or grants for colleagues
  • Contributing to Faculty Development programs
  • Contributing to New Faculty Orientations
  • Other outreach and support for colleagues: Please explain

Supporting our Students & Residents (Interviews/Admission/Advising/Committees) by:

  • Becoming a Faculty Advisor for student groups
  • Advising Fourth Year students
  • Supporting students and resident State and National organizations
  • Participating in Multiple Mini Interviews (MMIs)
  • Engaging in Student and Resident candidate interviews
  • Writing nomination letters
  • Writing recommendation letters outside of your specialty
  • Attending and participating in Student pipeline and outreach events
  • Other student/resident recruitment/admission/advising activities: Please explain

Supporting Our School's Community & Community Partners by:

  • Participating in ECHO Clinics
  • Participating in County Medical Society events or committees
  • Engaging in State or National professional groups
  • Participating on a committee for a hospital or community clinical partner
  • Other community outreach and partnership: Please explain

Supporting our School's Mission of Diversity and Inclusion by:

  • Participating in diversity-related service such as being a departmental diversity champion or relevant committee membership (e.g., Council on Diversity Initiatives, Holistic Review Committee, UNR Diversity or Affinity Group)
  • Recruiting students, residents, fellows, or faculty at institutions/conferences, serving at least one of the Mission Based Diversity Groups (MBDGs)
  • Mentoring a junior faculty member who identifies with at least one of our MBDGs
  • Leading a Diversity Health Series presentation
  • Providing guest lectures, or serving as a faculty mentor for the Academy for Development in Academic Medicine (ADAM) program
  • Engaging in scholarly activities to address health care disparities
  • Engaging in quality improvement efforts to improve equitable hiring practices (e.g., holistic review) or access to patient care
  • Facilitating or participating in implicit bias or bystander training
  • Facilitating or participating in community outreach (e.g., ECHO clinics, CME programming) wherein diversity and inclusion are demonstrated objectives
  • Incorporating diversity-related material in block syllabi and teaching content
  • Mentoring a student(s) who identifies with at least one of our MBDGs
  • Attending Diversity Dialogues, Diversity Health Series or Inclusive Medicine Series events
  • Participating in a Foundation Principles of Inclusion Excellence (FPIE) workshop
  • Other: Please list event and how it applies

Attending School of Medicine Community Events including:

  • Research events
  • Graduate Student Defense events
  • Goodman event
  • White Coat Ceremony
  • Hooding
  • Match Day
  • State of the School Address
  • UNR Med Town Halls
  • Healthy Nevada Speaker Series
  • New Faculty Orientations
  • Other UNR Med events: Please explain

Committee Membership including:

  • UNR Med committee and service 
  • UNR committee and service 
  • NSHE committee and service
  • Other committee and service 

Attending Faculty Development Activities including:

  • Faculty Appreciation Events
  • ADA Accessibility trainings
  • Other Faculty Development activities: Please explain

Departmental Engagement Activities: Please list 2

Departmental Activities

  • To be determined by each department