Current Research Projects

MMP9 Modulation of Uterine Contraction and Birth Timing

NIH R01HD100624 (PI Burkin, Etezadi-Amoli Consultant) | 08/2020-6/2024

The overall objective of this proposal is to understand the mechanisms by which MMP9 promotes uterine contraction and to determine if specific inhibition of MMP9 promotes uterine quiescence. The central hypothesis is that elevation of MMP9 to levels seen in preterm patients is sufficient to increase the contractile response in human uterine tissue and drive preterm parturition.

Faculty Development Grant

PI Wei Yan, Etezadi-Amoli Consultant | 11/2018-6/19, $16,000

Collaboration with Department of Physiology and Cell Biology to identify the cellular composition and gene expression in the human fallopian tube at single cell level and to identify adult epithelial stem cells in human Fallopian tubes using high throughput sncRNA-seq.

Multi-institutional Career Advising Pilot

UNR Med, UC Irvine, University of South Carolina, Rutger’s:  Bridging the Advising Gap by Utilizing a National Network of Faculty to Enhance the Equitability of the Residency