Rural Nevada EMS Conference

The Rural Nevada EMS Conference is an annual event that plays a role in strengthening the capabilities of Nevada’s EMS personnel. Here are some key points about the conference:

1. Objective and Scope

  • The conference spans four days in length and aims to enhance the skills and knowledge of rural providers ranging from Emergency Medical Responders (EMR) to Paramedics.
  • It brings quality speakers from across the country, as well as local experts, who share their insights and expertise.

2. Education and CEUs:

  • Classes are thoughtfully designed to address the specific needs of rural providers.
  • Attendees can earn continuing education units (CEUs), which are essential for re-certification.
  • The 2024 conference has been approved for CAPCE accreditation.
  • While state approved CEUs are appreciated, the real value often lies in the exchange of knowledge among fellow EMS personnel.

3. Networking and Community Building

  • Participants have the chance to network with other rural EMS professionals from both Nevada and neighboring states.
  • This networking fosters a sense of comradery, especially for individuals living in isolated communities.

4. Self-Funding and Support:

  • The conference is self-funded, with contributions from Nevada State EMS, local mines, vendors, and sponsors.
  • This financial support allows for affordable conference fees and a limited number of scholarships.

Mark your calendars!

The 2024 Rural Nevada EMS Conference will take place in Elko, NV from September 18-21 at the Elko Convention Center. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn, connect and contribute to rural EMS excellence!

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2024 Speaker Application (Deadline: March 1st, 2024)
2024 Vendor Application (Deadline: August 31st, 2024)
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