Student Outreach Clinic

Providing better access to quality medical care to the underserved population in Northern Nevada.

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Our Services

Health care services offered by the Student Outreach Clinic include: screenings, diagnosis, lab services, x-rays, EKGs, blood pressure monitoring, some treatments and referrals. Social security numbers and immigration status are not required during the patient's visit at the clinic and most services are offered at absolutely no cost. The Student Outreach Clinic was founded on the principle of providing better access to quality medical care to the underserved population in Northern Nevada, while enhancing the education of our future physicians.

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Healthcare Clinics

The Student Outreach Clinic is for any community member who is uninsured or underinsured and could not otherwise afford medical attention or preventative health care. Our clinics provide screenings, labs, x-rays and other services needed to better improve health care in Nevada. No personal information is collected from the patient at the clinic unless referral or follow-up information is necessary, and most services offered are free to the patient. We also have Spanish interpreters available at all our clinics.

Clinic reception desk

Generous Support

Thank you to the generous support from local organizations who help make the Student Outreach Clinic possible: Nell J. Redfield Foundation, Abowd and Rose Financial Group, and Patricia D. Cafferata, Esq. in memory of H. Treat Cafferata, M.D., John and Rosemarie Dooley Family Foundation, in addition to all of the volunteers over the years who have dedicated their time to improving healthcare in Nevada.

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