UNR Med Alumni Chapter

"... For those who preceded us and those who will follow, we ask our alumni to continue our traditions of compassion and excellence."

2018 Alumni Association President Mcabe

A Message From Your Chapter President

A group of individuals bound together by a common purpose - to provide the best care possible. I share this with you, my friends and colleagues, as a working definition for the health care team.

While the challenges we have faced over the course of the last year have felt insurmountable at times, it is through our commitment to our patients and to each other that we look toward a brighter tomorrow. And we must focus on the means by which our accomplishments have been achieved.

Never before have we had the opportunity to place more value on the team members who stand beside us every day: nurses, social workers, pharmacists and the entire interdisciplinary team, combined to promote a unified front, create new solutions to common problems, and always promote patient care over self-interests.

While supporting our patients, we simultaneously support each other. We give of ourselves during both times of joyous accomplishment and unmeasurable grief. This support not only carries us through our days but also leads to better patient outcomes.

As we take time to reflect on the strength of our professional team and thank the team members we stand beside every day, we should pause to remember the team that supported us to get to this place. The team that made us who we are today. A team of kind, curious and creative medical students, who spent four years learning and growing together with a similar shared purpose.

The white coat is our alumni chapter's signature donation to all first-year medical students, preparing to take their first steps on their journeys into medicine. Through the guidance and wisdom of our board members, we have created the UNR Med Alumni Chapter White Coat Endowment. With support from you, our past graduates and community members, our goal is to build this endowment to $60,000, allowing us to purchase white coats in perpetuity, for all classes to come.

Please consider donating to the UNR Med Alumni Chapter to be part of this contribution to our medical students. We also invite you to become a lifetime or annual member of the UNR Med Alumni Chapter to stay connected and give back to our medical school and community!

Jonathan McCaleb, M.D. '07, '11R, '12F, '15F

Current Officers

  • President:  Jonathan McCaleb, M.D. '07, '11R, '12F, '15F
  • President Elect: Reka Danko, M.D. '08, '11R
  • Immediate Past President: Joseph Hollen, M.D. (two year UNR Med alumnus '76)
  • Vice President for Membership: Jerry Jones, M.D. '81, '86R
  • Vice President for P.R. and Communications: Kyle Yamamoto, M.D. '09
  • Secretary/Treasurer: Cathy Endo, M.D. '93, '96R,
  • Member-at-large: Donielle Freedman, M.D. '90, '94R
  • Member-at-large: Jill Oswalt, M.D. '87
  • Member-at-large: Kathryn Eckert, M.D. '89
  • Member-at-large: Timothy Dooley, M.D. '11
  • Student Liaison: Amanda Gibbs MSlll

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