UNR Med Faculty Development Funding Program

FY24 Faculty Development Funding Award Program now open!

The UNR Med Faculty Development Funding Program was conceived and implemented under the leadership of Dean Thomas L. Schwenk to inspire and provide research and professional development opportunities to all academic and administrative faculty members, through a competitive online application process.

Now in its 12th year, funding over $800,000 since 2011, we are thrilled to announce the opening of the FY24 funding cycle.

UNR Med Faculty Development Funding awards may support expenses including, but not limited to: registration and travel expenses to conferences, professional meetings and workshops; support for collaborative projects with peer institutions; pilot research projects; clinical and teaching skills development, and more.

FY24 Funding Cycle

Funding proposals will be accepted beginning July 15th, 2023 through May 1st, 2024, for projects occurring in FY24. Awarded funds must be reconciled in Workday by May 31st, 2024. Please complete and submit the online application linked below.

Applicant and Recipient Criteria

  • Funding proposals will be considered for academic and administrative faculty members with an FTE 0.5 or greater.
  • Chairs/Directors must indicate their approval of submitted proposals through a letter of support required for upload before the online application may be submitted. Letters of support must include the amount of matching funds departments commit to provide; if matching funds are not available, this must be noted in the letter of support.
  • Online proposals should include a brief statement outlining how proposed activities will contribute to the applicant’s career development, as well as contributions to the school/institution.
  • Award recipients will be expected to provide a one-page summary, post-project, describing the value the award contributed to their professional development, and the value contributed to UNR Med and their community.
    • Did the project go as expected?
    • Were there unintended or unexpected outcomes or benefits?
    • How will the experience lead to implementation moving forward?
  • Awardees may be asked to create and provide a poster for a future celebratory event.

Managing Awarded Funds

  • Applicants must prepare a detailed project budget to submit in their online proposal. 
  • Designated administrative assistants will be responsible for managing expenses and submitting a final financial report. Assistants will work with Debra Glogovac to ensure proper use of funds
  • If salaries are requested, the designated assistant will be responsible for all timely, salary-related transactions in Workday; chair’s must specifically approve this type of request in their letter of support. 
  • Expenses may not exceed awarded funds; overages must be reimbursed if this occurs. 
  • Please note that funds may only be requested for events/projects occurring in the fiscal awarded; funding for events occurring after June 1, 2024 must come from other sources. 
  • Individual annual subscriptions and hosting charges are not allowable expenses. 

The UNR Med Faculty Development Funding Committee (FDF) will review submitted proposals and determine appropriate funding awards if accepted. Potential applicants are encouraged to contact the Office for Faculty to determine if project ideas are appropriate for the program.

Additional Funding Opportunities Available at UNR 

The Office of Research & Innovation offers  internal funding awards to academic faculty members who hold an FTE of 0.5 or greater, within UNR. Travel grants are competitively awarded to academic faculty members who are planning to travel to present scholarly work as a senior author or specifically traveling to interact with a funding sponsor for the purpose of enhancing funding potential. Please take advantage of these additional funding opportunities.

For more information or assistance in locating resources, please contact Debra Glogovac  in the Office for Faculty.