A Collective Moment

Drawing inspiration from your experiences.

Watch Our Collective Moment

You helped us capture this moment

The year 2020 marked a moment in time that was simultaneously – yet uniquely – experienced by 7.8 billion people across the globe. Although we were unable to get together in person, we knew that it was important to show appreciation for the remarkable moments we have shared – even while apart.

Moment of Truth When COVID-19 hit our state and our University, how did it redirect the focus of your work? What are you enjoying most about work, school, or community involvement?
Rising to the Moment Were you part of the frontline response to COVID-19? What innovative ideas or projects have you been part of since the pandemic started?
Moment to Moment How are you finding balance during these difficult times? What are some things you are doing to stay healthy, be involved, or engaged?
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More than a Moment, a Movement How are you addressing and/or navigating disparities in health and healthcare?
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Moments of Celebration What are some milestones, professional achievements, or accomplishments that you have celebrated this year? How have you maintained connections?
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Continued Momentum Looking ahead, what do you think the future holds for UNR Med or University Health? How do you envision the next phase in your work/studies?
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