Hantavirus (Sin Nombre Virus) IgG & IgM, ELISA

Hantavirus (Sin Nombre Virus) IgG & IgM, ELISA
Method Enzyme Linked Immunosorbent Assay (ELISA)
CPT Code 86790, 83898
Test Scope RT-PCR will reflexively be performed if positive
Preferred Specimen Serum (Red Top Tube) & clot for RT-PCR
Other Acceptable Specimens ACD Blood (Yellow Top Tube) (not preferred)
Lung tissue from autopsy
Unacceptable Specimens: Do not collect specimen in Heparin (Green Top).
Do not collect SST Tube
Required Sample Volume 3-5 mls whole blood
Minimum Sample Volume 3 mls whole blood
Specimen Container Collection: Red Top Tube, 5-10 mls
Transport: Screw-cap polypropylene transport tube
Specimen Identification Label tube with patient's first and last name, DOB and date/time of collection.
Special Instructions
  1. Collect whole blood in Red Top tube.
  2. Centrifuge and remove serum form clot as soon as possible and before storing.
  3. Transfer separated serum into a labeled plastic transport vial.
  4. Freeze blood clot at –80 °C (-20 °C maximum temperature) and ship frozen for RT-PCR.
Shipping Requirements Serum may be transported and stored at room temperature for up to 1 day, refrigerated at 2-8° C for up to 5 days, or frozen at -20° C to -80° C for 14 days. Blood clot must be shipped frozen at -20° C to -80° C.
Sample Rejection Criteria
  • Specimen collected in Heparin (Green Top)
  • Specimen collected in Serum Separator
  • Improper specimen transport or storage
  • Mislabeled/Unlabeled specimen
  • Specimen quantity not sufficient for testing (QNS)
Turn-around-time 48 hours