Do's and Don'ts for Parents


  • DO… remember that babies are screened twice in Nevada per State law. The first screen is collected between 24‐48 hours of age at the birth hospital. The second test is collected between 10‐14 days of age at the doctor's office or laboratory.
  • DO… provide your current address including apartment number, working phone number, and an alternative contact person and their working phone number. This information is recorded on the specimen card submitted by the hospital to the state laboratory and is used to contact you in case of abnormal results.
  • DO… call your baby's doctor with your new address and phone number if you move after the sample is collected.
  • DO… call the state laboratory @ (775) 682-6238 or follow‐up @ (702) 289-4578 if you change your baby's doctor after discharge from the hospital. This ensures that test results are sent to the new doctor without delay.
  • DO… remember to bring the second or third card to your baby's first appointment.
  • DO… talk to your baby's doctor about test results and other questions about newborn screening.
  • DO… promptly follow doctor's recommendation(s) in the event of abnormal results and need for further testing.
  • DO… respond promptly with request for repeat sample in case first or second or third sample is deemed unsatisfactory for testing.
  • DO… make sure all information fields on the card are completely filled out to avoid delays in releasing test results.


  • DON'T… assume that second screen is unnecessary if first screen results come back normal. 10% of all infants affected are routinely found on the second screen.
  • DON'T… provide non‐working phone numbers (disconnected, not in service, unable to receive calls) or omit apartment number. This causes delays in contacting you in case of abnormal results that necessitates prompt follow‐up testing and potential treatment for your baby.
  • DON'T… throw away second or third card as this is needed to collect second or third screen.
  • DON'T… send second or third card without blood.
  • DON'T… delay or ignore further testing recommendations from your baby's doctor in case of abnormal results. Failure to comply promptly with required action(s) is considered medical neglect and will trigger an automatic referral to public health nurse OR Child Protective Services.

Thank you for having your baby screened!