Measles Virus RNA Real-time (TaqMan®) RT-PCR

Method Real-Time RT-PCR, Real Time Reverse Transcription Polymerase Chain Reaction (q-PCR) Amplification of Measles Virus (SH) RNA.
CPT Code 87798
Test Scope
Collection Instructions

Detection of measles RNA and measles virus isolation are most successful when samples are collected on the first day of rash through the 3 days following onset of rash. However, virus may still be recovered by cell culture through day 10 following rash onset. Detection of measles RNA by RT-PCR may be successful as late as 10-14 days post rash onset.

Throat, Nasopharyngeal (preferred), or nasal swabs. Synthetic swabs are recommended. Swab should be transferred to 1-3ml of viral transport medium (do not allow to dry out).

Indicate specimen source on requisition.

Other Acceptable Specimens
Required Specimen Volume
Specimen Container Viral Transport Media.
Specimen Identification Label specimen with patient's first and last name, DOB, and date/time of collection.
Shipping Requirements Specimen should be kept at 4°C (refrigerated) and transported to the laboratory within 24 hours of collection. Ship with cold-pack. If longer storage is required, the specimen should be frozen at -70 °C or on dry ice.
Sample Rejection Criteria
  • Improper specimen transport
  • Mislabeled specimen
  • Unlabeled specimen
  • Wood shaft swabs
Turn-around-time 48-72 Hours (M-F)