Nevada Geriatric Education Center

Sanford Center for Aging

Nevada Geriatric Education Center worker with patient


The NGEC is committed to improving the health care delivered to older adults by providing education, information, and resources to health professionals and faculty.


  • Encourage Faculty Enhancement and Promote Curriculum Development: The NGEC works closely with health science faculty to identify education needs in aging. NGEC assists faculty in obtaining additional education in the field of aging and/or integrating content on aging into their curricula.
  • Offer Continuing Education: To meet the needs of health care professionals, interdisciplinary conferences, workshops and lectures are provided by the NGEC. Interactive video programs are offered to address the needs of rural practitioners, and education materials are available for independent/self study.
  • Provide Resource Support: The NGEC serves as a contact for university and college faculty and for the community to identify educational materials, information, and speakers and consultants specializing in the field of aging.
  • Cultivate Statewide Affiliations: The NGEC continues to establish partnerships with universities, colleges, state and community agencies and clinics to identify potential training sites for medical residents and health professions students and to support educational events.