Education Statement

Nevada Geriatric Education Center (NGEC) provides opportunities for current and future health professionals throughout the state to increase their knowledge in the field of aging and related supports and services. The continuing education programs of the NGEC are built upon the belief that adult learners are self-directed, possess varied competencies based on their life experiences and are capable

of influencing health care delivery. We believe that continuing education is a shared, cooperative process between the learner and the presenter. The learner is responsible and accountable for maintaining competency in knowledge and skills and being engaged in the learning process. The presenter’s role is to share knowledge and information and facilitate its’ application in the delivery of health care.

Program registrants/attendees

  • Register at least 3 business days in advance of the training, or as noted in the marketing/registration materials.
  • Keep the email that confirms your registration. It provides the Zoom meeting number/log-in information, a link to the handouts.
  • Add email addresses to your Safe Sender list to ensure delivery. Emails related to our programs will come from noreply@alchemer.com, invites@mailer.alchemer.com, invites@mailer.surveygizmo.com and noreply@surveygizmo.com. You may also need to check your spam/junk folder. We have found that the following email providers do not accept our automated emails (aol.com and cox.net). You might obtain a free email from another provider that we have found accepts emails (e.g., google, hotmail, yahoo).

Learning objectives

Learning objectives are included in the program evaluation. An overview of the training content or the learning objectives are included in the marketing materials. Each participant is asked to rate whether the program objectives were achieved.


All participants are provided with a link and are required to complete an evaluation. The evaluation includes an assessment of knowledge and/or at least one question about how the participant will apply information learned into their practice. Submit an online evaluation within seven (7) days (or earlier) of completing a training, or portion of a training. It is the participant's responsibility to contact NGEC@unr.edu if they do not receive an evaluation link within one business day of a training, or portion of a training. No certificates of attendance will be issued for individuals who fail to complete a program evaluation by the deadline.

Individual evaluations are summarized, and the aggregate data is used to evaluate the training, presenters and for future programming suggestions.

Provision of certificates

The participant will be given a certificate verifying continuing education credit (CME/CEUs) upon successful completion of the all program requirements. Verification includes:

  1. completion of all training components (e.g., registration, verification of completion of recordings, participation in the interactive video session(s) and/or participation at in-person training) *
  2. signature on sign-in sheet(s) or interactive video usage report(s]*
  3. submission of evaluation within seven (7) days (or earlier) of the training or portion of a training
  4. receipt of registration fee (if applicable). Certificates of attendance are typically issued to participants within fifteen (15) to thirty (30) days after a training (unless board approval is still pending)

* individuals who are not registered or can't be verified as a registrant during the training will be considered incomplete. Also, the interactive video usage report will be used to verify the number of minutes of participation, and the certificate of attendance will be adjusted accordingly.

If an attendee did not receive a certificate of attendance, they may submit a request to the NGEC within 45 days of the program. A replacement certificate will be provided one time, at no charge if the request is submitted within the 45 days; the attendee is able to identify the title, date and location of the training; and all requirements are met.

If an attendee wishes to request a certificate of attendance more than 45 days after the program, a minimum fee of $50 will be charged and must be paid in advance. The individual must identify the title, date and location of the training. The $50 fee will still be charged even if NGEC staff are unable to confirm all requirements are met and to issue a certificate. This fee covers staff time to research and verify the program information and re-issue the certificate of attendance. An additional fee will be charged if further research is requested to locate and confirm the information necessary to provide a certificate of attendance. Upon verification of criteria and receipt of payment, replacement certificate(s) will be emailed to the individual.

Refund policy

NGEC programs are typically offered at a reduced fee; therefore, no refunds are provided. All sales are final. Check refund policy for specific program if exceptions are allowed.

Grievance policy

The NGEC will handle all grievances. An enrollee must submit the grievance in writing to the program coordinator within 30 days of the event. A committee will be formed consisting of the NGEC director, an employee of the Sanford Center for Aging and a participant of the program. The enrollee will be advised of the date and time of the meeting. The continuing education coordinator may attend the meeting, but may not vote. If the grievance is decided in favor of the enrollee, a request for a full refund of all monies will be submitted to NGEC and processed following the UNR payment requirements.

If the grievance is related to the provision of certificate of attendance, the committee will review the policies and evidence to make a determination.

Record keeping policy

The NGEC maintains records to meet grant/contract and board requirements. Information is maintained based on the following timeframe:

  • Documentation for continuing education programs is maintained for at least 3 years after close of program. Documentation includes: speaker qualifications, course content with time allocation, marketing information with date(s) and location(s), registration information, payment documentation, sign-in sheets/attendee usage report and board approval letters.
  • Documentation required for grants and contracts will be maintained for up to 7 years after the close of grants/contracts. This documentation includes marketing information and an evaluation summary.

ZOOM policies and procedures

  • Rename yourself as you initiate the Zoom meeting connection. If you are not signed into your your Zoom account when joining and not using a registration link to join, be sure to rename yourself before you connect to the meeting.
  • Change your name/device/phone number by selecting the "More" option and "Rename (if needed) to verify your attendance.
    • Telephone log-ins or misnamed devices (if not provided during registration) are required to email the program coordinator at NGEC@unr.edu. Be sure to include your phone number or device name, and your full name (name you used when registering) with a request to access the specific training or to verify your participation. If your registration name doesn't match the name on the usage report, no CEUs will be provided.
    • Note: Your name will appear on the Zoom usage report for the meeting, which is used as the sign-in sheet to verify attendance for and length of time you participated in the training. The usage report information is also sent to the state boards in lieu of a traditional sign-in sheet.
  • Ensure your microphone remains muted and your video is not being shared during trainings with more than 50 attendees.
    • Note: The audio and video setti
  • Respond to attendance verification requests via Chat or announced during the training to verify your participation. Note: CEUs may be reduced or not provided for those who fail to respond to attendance verification requests.
  • Submit questions for the speaker using the Chat function.
  • For technical questions regarding Zoom, please contact Jamille Sirotek at: jamillec@med.unr.edu or at 775-738-3828 ext. 2 or to NGEC@unr.edu.
  • You may be removed from a training if your registration can’t be verified or if you are causing a distraction during the training.