Health Info for You

Sanford Center for Aging

Download information about these common health topics for elders:

  • ADVANCE DIRECTIVES: Think now about voicing your wishes for future health care. Learn how to get started.
  • BLOOD PRESSURE: What are the risks, and what can you do? Get the facts on aging and high blood pressure
  • BLOOD PRESSURE LOG: Record your readings and check with your doctor. Email for a copy of our Blood Pressure log.
  • CBD: What it is, information on whether it works, plus safety concerns and drug interactions. Learn more about CBD.
  • DEMENTIA CARE RESOURCES: Expand your team with local services and programs. Email for our Dementia Care information.
  • DIABETES - OVERVIEW: It's one of the most common health problems among U.S. adults. Email for our Diabetes information.
  • DIABETES - DIET: A huge part of managing diabetes is developing healthy eating habits. Email for our Diabetes Diet information.
  • DIABETES - EXERCISE: Physical activity is one of the best things you can do! Email for our Diabetes Lifestyle Changes information.
  • FALLS PREVENTION: Preventing a common event threatening the independence of older adults. Email for our Tips to Prevent Falls.
  • FISH OIL SUPPLEMENTS: What's in them, who can benefit from taking them and words of caution. Email for Fish Oil Supplement information.
  • GERD: Symptoms like heartburn or acid reflux are potential signs of Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease. Email for our GERD tips.
  • HEART DISEASE: Your heart changes with age. How, why and what can you do? Email for our Heart Disease information.
  • NSAIDS: Over-the-counter medications like ibuprofen, naproxen and aspirin hold certain risks for older adults. Email for our NSAIDS information.
  • OLDER MEN AND TESTOSTERONE: What you need to know about the hormone, signs of low testosterone, and the benefits/risks of supplements. Email for our information about Older Men and Testosterone.
  • ORAL HEALTH AND OLDER ADULTS: There are many ways oral health affects our lives. Learn more about caring for teeth, mouth and gums as we age.
  • SLEEP: Do you need better sleep? You're not alone. Learn more about Sleep Hygiene for Older Adults.
  • SMOKING: It's not too late to quit, even after many years. Email for our Smoking Help information.
  • SUPPLEMENTS: What are dietary and herbal supplements? Are they really helping? Email for our Supplements information.
  • TOO MANY PILLS? Do you really need to take all those meds and supplements every day? Email for our Polypharmacy information.